COVID-19 Match Guidelines

Updated June 9, 2020

It Matters

Whether it was six months ago or six years ago, you made the decision to mentor with BBBS to make a difference.  We are so lucky you chose us & we need you, now more than ever.  Let your Little know you are here & it is okay that your relationship looks different right now—relationships adapt over time. We can do this together!

COVID-19 Update

As our community re-opens, we maintain our commitment to social distancing guidelines. Social distancing is our best tool to take care of each other during this time.

Below, you will find our coaching on why this is so important, and how we can work together to stay connected, safely.   We will re-address our guidelines in mid-July with appropriate & safe updates.

Stay Connected Virtually

Bigs, your Little needs to hear from you. Now is not the time to wait!

  • Touchbase Weekly: Call, text, email, snail-mail…try one of them, at least once a week!  Keep at it, even if the replies are short or don’t happen.  Consistency is key!  We’ll help with our “What’s Up Wednesday” reminders in Bigs Weekly to keep it fresh.

  • Virtual Meet Ups:  Try it!  Keep in mind this does not mean you have to do a 40 min Zoom session of just talking.  The reality is most kids aren’t going to be super chatty that way, but you can…play a game, do a bake-off, take an on-line tour.   We have a ton of ideas to get you started.  Click here for our ideas.

Outdoor Check-ins

Our Agency & our Bigs are having successful outdoor chats.  The agency guidelines for outdoor check-ins are:

  • Must take place outside & near your Little’s home (front porch, driveway, sidewalk, etc).

  • Bigs must wear face masks that cover their nose & mouth.  If you are visiting from a distance that is more than 6 feet away, Bigs may take off their mask.

  • Shared equipment/supplies/food are not allowed at this time.  If you want to drop off a game or something to do with your Little, please make sure you both have separate supplies.

We are excited about the idea of Outdoor Check-ins! If this seems like a good step for your match, please work through these next steps diligently:

  1. Discuss your ideas with your Little’s Parent/Caregiver first. We know that everyone has different circumstances and comfort levels as we proceed & it is important to outline specific details. For example, they might be okay with you dropping by, but not with bringing food from a restaurant.  

  2. Plan ahead for this outdoor check-in. Make sure you have a mask and other items you might want to use.

  3. Call your Relationship Specialist and discuss your plan—we are your partner.  We’ll help you think about other ways you can make this fun & safe.

Keep in mind this can be a fun chance to reconnect, however everyone needs to be comfortable & aware that this will feel different.  It can feel odd to not offer a hug if that is what you are used to exchanging.  This can be hard for younger Littles to understand too. Stay open and talk about these differences.

Most Importantly, Be Safe

Unfortunately, we are still paused on many activities that would violate the social distancing guidelines. For example:

  • Do not go inside your Little’s home or take them to your home.

  • Do not go on car rides.

  • Do not have any physical contact.


Please contact your Relationship Specialist with any questions or concerns.