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  • Our Policy Reminders:

    For overnights and out-of-town visits (more than 30 miles outside of our service area) to be an option the Relationship Specialist must be notified. Littles must have a private place to change clothes. Under no circumstances should a Little share a bed or sleeping bag with anyone, including other children.

    Bigs must inform Big Brothers Big Sisters if firearms or weapons are present in their home, regardless of ownership. At that time, they will review and sign the firearm form.

    Smoking, the consumption of alcohol and the usage of illegal drugs are not allowed before or during outings.

    The Big is the only individual permitted to drive the Little.

    Bigs are required to keep in contact with their Relationship Specialist once a month for the first year and every 3 months thereafter.

    You should never leave your Little alone or in the care of an unscreened person.

    Certain types of physical touch are not permitted, such as back rubs, sitting on laps, wrestling, piggy-back rides, tickling or other contact that feels uncomfortable.


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