Job Opportunities

One of the most rewarding ways to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters is to work with us. A career with Big Brothers Big Sisters is an opportunity to Be There for youth in need in our community by merging your talents and personal values with your desire to make a difference. At Big Brothers Big Sisters we understand the power of a team that represents diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

If you are interested in a position, please email the individuals listed below with the following information:

  • Cover letter specifying what position you are applying for and why you are the ideal candidate
  • Resume & contact information for three (3) professional references.

Current Job Opportunities

Relationship Specialist

Enrollment Specialist – Volunteer Focused

If interested, please send cover letter and resume to 

*Due to the high volume of resumes received for open positions, we will contact you if we see a fit.

Agency Culture

Our organization is filled with achievers. We “get it” and we get it done right. We love change, flexibility, hard work and having fun. We care about our kids, our volunteers, our donors, and each other.

We are continually searching for those individuals whose values and philosophy match our own. We have six core values. We focus squarely on these values and how individual staff are embracing and practicing them – because living the culture and finding win-win solutions gives us our best opportunity at producing meaningful results and advancing our mission and vision.

We Are:
  1. Accountable – We rise above our individual circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve desired results. We live “above the line”, not “below the line”. We don’t make excuses for our shortcomings like “I didn’t know”, “that’s not my job”, “No one told me”, “I didn’t understand”, etc. We practice the four step accountable process of (1) SEE IT. (2) OWN IT. (3) SOLVE IT. (4) DO IT.
  2. Adaptable – We are always open to change so our organization can respond quickly to a problem or opportunity. We understand that standing still or protecting the status quo is not a viable option. We are willing to jump in and make things happen. We focus on impact, use data, quantitative and qualitative, to make decisions, as close to the issue as possible. We understand that with each change there are new opportunities to improve our services AND advance our careers.
  3. Coachable – We are capable of listening, willing to take constructive feedback and make the necessary changes to be more efficient and effective.
  4. Confident – We approach our work with confidence giving our many audiences, internal and external, assurance that our brand and outcomes are worth the investment of their time, talent and treasure. We demonstrate our professionalism through our thoughtful work, professional appearance and clear and consistent communication. We regularly, formally and informally, communicate our successes and challenges, not only to our teams and supervisors but with others inside and outside the agency who may be of assistance. We know that EVERYONE is available to assist. We “communicate” with others in ways that can be “heard” and we understand the value of closing the loop in conversations. We also know how to apologize when necessary.
  5. Resilient – We are always determined to deliver the very best product/program/service AND reach our goals. We are hard workers. We love our work and understand that we must “study our craft” (i.e. read book and articles, attend learning opportunities provided by the agency, seek out mentors) if we are going to maintain the highest program standards and grow professionally within a high performing agency. When we are knocked down, we focus on the positive, get back up and rebuild.
  6. Supportive – We recognize that life can throw you a curve ball and some days are tougher than others. We are here to support each other. We show love and respect to our Bigs, Littles and families. We believe in teamwork– in fact, our 4:1+1 model is a team model. We work hard together, find time to enjoy each other and celebrate accomplishments, especially those where we have triumphed over great challenges and uncertainty.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri not only provides competitive salaries for its employees, the agency also provides a wide assortment of benefits. These benefits help reduce the risk for employees should they experience health or long term medical problems, provide retirement income, help balance work and life, and appreciate and reward great work.


  • Immediate and 100% coverage on health and dental insurance
  • Life insurance, short term and long term disability insurance following the first ninety days of employment.
  • 401(k) – 3% match per year following first year of employment.
  • Mileage reimbursement and

Paid Time Off:

  • Vacation days
  • Sick and personal days
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Birthday holiday
  • Funeral leave


  • Annual raises based on performance and culture
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Innovative and empowering work environment
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Ever changing fun benefits such as potluck lunches, sporting event and concert tickets, movie matinees etc.

Practicums and Internships

Big Brothers Big Sisters offers a wide variety of internship and practicum opportunities designed to give students hands-on experience in their particular major. They are unpaid positions with flexible schedules to meet student and agency needs. As an intern or practicum, a student gains incredible experience, learns about BBBS service delivery alongside a successful and dedicated staff and creates a network of contacts that are beneficial as he/she moves forward in his/her career!

We offer opportunities in the fall, spring, and summer.

If interested in an internship or practicum, please please email our HR department and include the following:

  • Cover letter specifying your area of interest
  • Resume

Administrative Volunteers

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri welcomes the help of our terrific administrative volunteers in our office. Our volunteers represent all walks of life – high school and college students, executives, homemakers and retirees. We always appreciate an extra set of hands to help with a variety of tasks. This additional help enables us to maintain the high level of service we offer our clients, donors and volunteers.

If interested in becoming a cherished volunteer, please email our HR department.


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