Enroll A child

One more caring adult.

As a parent/guardian, you recognize your child’s uniqueness better than anyone. By enrolling them to be matched with a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters, you start them on a path to new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities. That not only means you’re part of their success, it means you are vital to it!

From the start you’re a partner sharing about your child – their strengths, hopes, interests, areas for growth. You also approve the Big Brother or Big Sister that our match specialist recommends. Once the match is made, you stay closely involved in many ways, including: 

  • Taking part in child safety conversations led by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff, and talking with your child about key need-to-knows
  • Approving activities/outings for your child and their Big
  • Talking with your child about those outings, and sharing insights with your Relationship Specialist
  • Checking in with your Relationship Specialist about your child’s development on a regular basis

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