First Job

Job- and Life-Skills Training and Development

Who you know. What you know. Where you go. It matters.

Many BBBSEMO teens work or hope to work part-time. “I want a new job” and “I want to learn how to get a job” are two things we almost always hear from our Little Brothers and Little Sisters on that topic.

First Job is an initiative of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri for Littles ages 15-18 that offers virtual workforce readiness training. Participants choose classes based on individual interests, and commit to an orientation session + four classes (a total of five hours). Once that’s complete, participants receive a $150 gift card and access to ongoing supportive services including exclusive opportunities (e.g., job fairs) to connect with leading professionals and potential employers.

By providing teens with practical and interpersonal skills training, and creating space for connections with industry professionals, First Job equips participants with key basics and “pro tips” even before they take home their very first paycheck. That means First Job graduates are prepared to enter the workforce with useful training and confidence… and ready to start their paths to economic independence.

FIRST JOB | 2022

First Job will be a mostly virtual personalized experience for high school students in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles, and Cape Girardeau.

The next First Job cohort begins January 2022. Interested in learning more? Contact Kelly Roeckle at

Have questions about First Job? Want to share ideas for First Job courses, classes/topics, or guest speakers in 2022? Contact Kelly Roeckle at

“People from different businesses [gave] us pointers on what they look for when they hire. They gave important tips about interviewing and how that first impression matters a lot. And that helped me get my first job.”
Little Brother DJ, First Job graduate (2020)