Happy Matchiversaries: A story series from you, about you, for you!


Making it to Month X or Year Y is no small achievement. To celebrate those milestones, BBBSEMO is launching “Happy Matchiversaries,” a new, monthly series featuring content from you, about you, for you.

Who can contribute?
Active and alumni Littles and Bigs (Brothers, Sisters, Couples, Team Mates, Families). You can submit stories/ideas as matches or as individuals.

What does “content” mean?
Any of the following:
Themed list
Comic strip
Crossword or word search

We also welcome your ideas for format.

Where will the content go?
We’ll post it to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri website, and share it on the agency’s social media platforms. We’ll also include excerpts and links in monthly BBBSEMO newsletters. Stories may also be part of storytelling at various agency events.

How much content do you need?
In general, we’re looking for content people can enjoy in 2-3 minutes. For example, written pieces should range between 300 and 500 words.

Can I get help?
Absolutely! The agency Storyteller/Journalist will be your guide and editor, providing suggestions for approaches and/or formats that fit well with what you’d like to share.

I want to participate! How do I start?
Send email to media@bbbsemo.org with “Happy Matchiversaries” in the subject line and include your name and your match’s in the body. Once the Storyteller/Journalist has gotten a sense of your story, you’ll work with her to put something together.