Our Big “B” Story

"What's the B for?"

Many will look at our new logo and see a big B and a little B, representing Big Brothers Big Sisters’ historic 1:1 mentoring model.
Others see a big B that stands for community, which includes young people, volunteers, parents, schools, and community partners. At BBBSEMO, we see both – and more – in our ‘Big B.’

Our Big B is a reminder.

As we focus on our young people and what lies ahead for them, our new logo reminds us of the many pathways leading to an independent life.

Our Big B is our promise to our community.

We will be a multi-dimensional organization dedicated to comprehensive, integrated support programs and services capable of serving thousands.

Our Big B keeps us accountable.

As we progress, we must both preserve the best of history and innovate for the good of the children and families we serve.

And that’s because…

Our Big B represents the fullness of what’s possible for our community.

It encourages all of us to come together, to keep envisioning and realizing the big things to come.

Our logo is new. But our commitment is unchanged. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri remains committed to ways we can Be There. Our supports and resources help our kids, families and community celebrate joy and navigate hardship. Our B reflects life’s straight stretches, curves, and blind spots.

Please join us in showing up for young people, facilitating the relationships that fuel their pursuit of a meaningful, stable, and independent life.