Staying Connected While Socially Distant: A guide you can use right now

Having fun doesn’t always have to happen in person. We’re learning new ways to create enjoyable, engaging connections every day.

You’ll find great tips, tricks, and links in this handy resource guide created just for you, just for these times.

Staying Connected While Socially Distant Resource Guide

Staying Connected While Socially Distant is chock-full of practical How-To’s on:

  • leveling up your texting game;

  • using photo/video features of apps/social media platforms; and
  • planning distanced match activities that aren’t solely online.

It’s also got age-appropriate/sensitive suggestions for

  • communicating with a quieter Little;

  • relieving stress through various exercises; and

  • making space for honest talk about frustrations or anxieties.

Staying Connected while Socially Distant Resource Guide

To keep this resource guide useful and timely, we’ll make revisions over the coming weeks. Just follow @BBBSEMO on Instagram and Twitter, and like our page on Facebook, for alerts about the latest updates or changes. Got suggestions we might add? Be sure to let your Relationship Specialist/Manager know; or contact our Resource Manager Madeline Sowatsky at We wish you the best as you stay connected while socially distant! Be safe and healthy!