United Way Sustains Us And Our Region

Home. It’s a simple yet deeply meaningful word. More than a building, home is a feeling, a haven, a relationship.

It can also be a commitment.

That’s why “home” captures the United Way of Greater St. Louis’s support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBSEMO). And in 2020 – just 12 months in our organizations’ century-plus partnership; and a year of singular storms – “home” is where the United Way helped many BBBSEMO families stay nourished and warm.

“During the earlier months of COVID,” says Michelle Tucker, President and CEO at the United Way of Greater St. Louis, “we were all challenged to such extremes and in such an unusual time for each of our organizations. BBBSEMO was right there partnering to connect with the community in a broader sense.”

“The honor of partnering with you, an agency that’s making such a tremendous difference, is certainly ours, and I couldn’t be more proud to stand side-by-side with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri.” Hear more from Ms. Tucker and other BBBSEMO honorees here.

“Your work with families to make certain they were equipped with financial assistance provided by the United Way of Greater St. Louis for utilities and support,” Tucker continues, “helped ensure the lights stayed on and that food stayed on the table. So, our organizations were able to work together to see people through a very desperate time.”

Becky Hatter, BBBSEMO President and CEO, says the United Way has always been a responsive rather than reactive partner. Its assistance for impacted families the first half of the COVID-19 pandemic was an extension of – rather than an adjustment to – its support for BBBSEMO.

That’s been true for key youth education programs like ABCToday, an initiative the United Way has championed when kids and teachers are in classrooms… and when they’ve had to do school from home.

Fostering learning, particularly in ways that support students and those who support those youth, is a major priority for The United Way of Greater St. Louis.

“In this village, we have many partners. Among them, the United Way stands out because they’ve been there for us every step of the way since we started as Big Brothers of St. Louis in 1914. And that’s how we’ve been able to Be There for BBBSEMO youth and families,” says Hatter.

“Community work is not assigned to one agency; it takes a whole community. We’re fortunate to have United Way support and stabilize the region’s social safety net through funding for hundreds of essential organizations each year,” Hatter continues. “Without this comprehensive support, life-changing outcomes would not be possible.

“It is our honor to recognize the United Way of Greater St. Louis as our Community Partner of the Year.”

Support for UW supports BBBSEMO

United Way mobilizes the community to support nonprofit organizations and programs that make up a vital safety net for the St. Louis region. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri has been a proud member of the United Way of Greater St. Louis for over 106 years.* To learn more about its 2021 “Helping Here” campaign, visit https://helpingpeople.org/campaign2021/.

*BBBSEMO has also been a proud member of the United Way of Southeast Missouri since 1999.

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