Game Changers

Poverty Immersion Learning and Leadership Program

If we are going to solve generational inequities, we must seek deep understanding of the narratives, policies and systems that perpetuate them. We can’t simply have a strong opinion about a topic, we actually know very little about, or just tinker with a program design.

Poverty is one of the world’s entrenched problems. It impacts 75% of the young people we serve in Eastern Missouri.

Launched in 2019, Game Changers is a force for good, educating and empowering up to 16 emerging leaders to be ambassadors for change.

Game Changers is a 9-month program that recruits national and regional experts to educate and discuss the intersection of poverty with our nation’s most enduring institutions, like education, health, housing, and justice.

The goal of the program is to build a more educated and engaged community. If we are serious about transforming the lives of those who struggle, we must have the courage to understand the challenges.

To learn more about Game Changers,  contact Heidi Villasenor at

“This program helped me understand where I came from.”
Kent, participating emerging leader