Amachi Missouri

Amachi is a West African word that means "who knows but what God has brought us through this child."

Amachi was created to serve some of the most at-risk children in our society - children of current and former prisoners.

In the United States today there are approximately 2.5 million children – including approximately 60,000 here in Missouri – who have a parent in prison.

Tragically, the children of incarcerated parents are often at high risk of one day becoming imprisoned themselves. More than two-thirds of the juveniles in the criminal justice system are children of prisoners.

Through Amachi Missouri, a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri initiative, in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sister affiliates headquartered in Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and Jefferson City, we have the opportunity to break the cycle of incarceration. From July 2012 through June 2013, we served over 1,100 Amachi Littles throughout Missouri.

Amachi Missouri is a one of a kind program! It is the only mentoring partnership in the State of Missouri that:

  • Has been scientifically researched and proven to have a measurable difference and positive results.
  • Has a memorandum of understanding with the Missouri Department of Corrections
  • Is identified by the Blueprint for Violence Prevention (study for US Department of Justice) as a best practice program in preventing juvenile delinquency, which is the first step to preventing young people from entering the adult correction system.

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