Vision Realized: Vantazia

“They set me up with a Big who was so sweet and loving. Whitney really showed that she cared about me.”

Vision Realized: Rein

When Rein came to the BBBSEMO office in June to pick up a little something to support his internship, he promised to keep us updated. Here’s a look at his summer!

Youth and Care: Mental Health

“I’m Synmar Jeromica Johnson. I am currently 13 years old, but my birthday’s coming up. And, um… I’m a very hardworking and a very kind, loving person.”

Own the Future Celebration 2019

No graduation is complete without a little celebration. And at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, “little” means a whole lot.

Growing, Together

Little Brother Johnathan was the one who said he wanted a Big. So when Big Brother Adam met him – “a little shy, up to my hip with a freshly-shaved head” – Johnathan made an impression.

Vision Realized: Paige

14 years after Alumni Little Paige Pearson was matched with Big Sister Julie, she’s a SLU graduate working at the Danforth Plant Science Center.

Vision Realized: Jonathan

BBBSEMO opened doors for me with the pipe-fitters union – I was part of the first Connected Scholars class my first year at Ranken Technical College.

Building History, Building Promise

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a building holds countless stories. Here’s just one that explores what it took to make 501 North Grand an agency and community home.

#Besties: A match for now and always

“We heard there were over 1,000 kids on the waiting list… We had the time, and the energy, and no children of our own. So we said, ‘Why not?’ And it’s been really great.”

Mother’s Day 2018

Growing Up, and Through, Young Motherhood
We spoke with two Alumni Little Sisters about their mommy experiences