Staff of Year Embodies Our Very Best

As Big, manager, and colleague, Staff of the Year Patti Watson-Soluade brings nothing less than excellence — and sees the same for BBBSEMO.

BBBSEMO Insider: Cardinals Edition

What do baseball and BBBSEMO matches have in common? Room for play, life lessons, and just plain fun! Here’s a staff take on how that’s true.

UCity Kids Go BAWK! To School

Brittany Woods middle schoolers grew over summer. So did 24 chickens. Together they make for lively community and a new Sustainability class.

12 Years Matched: An Awesome History

When Joshua and Jason first met, neither knew how long their match would go. Here’s a history of how they’ve come so far, and what’s coming.

Nothing But Love For 5-Time #GirlDad

Dwight became a solo dad of five girls after losing wife Susie. Thank you, Dwight, for making us your village and being a partner & advocate.

Sisters, Now and Always

Michelle and Alicia got matched on purpose…with purpose. Their story shows how sisterhood grows through intentionally responsive mentorship.

Alumni Little of the Year Inspires

A lot of life happens in seven years. Here’s how BBBSEMO’s first-ever Alumni of the Year has met its challenges to see her best way beyond.

Bigs With Kids Make One Big Family

Amanda and Ronan signed up to volunteer as a Big Couple. Then they discovered an option including their kids. The rest is Big Family history.

Mom and Little Make Five New Friends

Parent Antwonette enrolled her young son Bryant for a Big Brother. They welcomed a new kind of match… and ended up with a whole bunch more.

A Match Makes It Write Together

Little Brother Tyrelle and Big Brother Akeem’s relationship shows how honesty, consistency, and high expectation can create new stories